Inline Consulting


Meet Shelly Starks:
The Heart and Drive of Inline Consulting

A Pillar in Coaching and Business Advising

With an impressive tenure of over 20 years in both Extended DISC® coaching and business advising, Shelly Starks has been an instrumental force for communications coaching in the business community.

The "Super Connector"

With an international network built over 20+ years, Shelly’s unparalleled flair for bridging gaps shines through. Her role as a trusted advisor has transformed countless professional journeys connecting businesses and professionals with crucial resources and opportunities.

Motivated by Real Impact - Results That Matter

For her clients, the real measure of success is in the tangible progress they achieve. By understanding behavioral styles and honing in on team dynamics, businesses can unlock avenues for scalable growth. Collaborating with Inline Consulting provides clarity and direction, ensuring every strategy implemented positions your business for greater success for years to come.

A Multi-faceted Professional

Shelly isn’t just the founder of Inline Consulting; her broad knowledge and experience has
expanded her into additional areas that support her mission. She is a:
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Driven by a genuine desire to guide businesses toward their vision.


She believes in paving the way for others, imparting her wisdom and experience, and in carving a path for future trailblazers.

Shelly ABWA (1)

A captivating public speaker and podcast guest, she has a unique way of connecting with the listener through valuable insights and tangible tools for business or personal development.

Certified Extended DISC Trainer

With 20 yrs of Extended DISC coaching, her advisory role has been pivotal for countless businesses.