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Amplify Your Business Growth with the
Connect, Communicate, Grow Series

Organizational Misalignment

Scaling a business requires balance. The core of that balance is your team and the varying differences between them. Getting everyone rowing in the same direction can often feel impossible. It becomes glaringly obvious that there is misalignment. And with misalignment it is not uncommon to see your team members losing sight of the vision, struggling to align their efforts toward it, or feeling disconnected.

Connect, Communicate, and Grow

We offer the Connect, Communicate, Grow Series, tailored for businesses looking to elevate their culture, understand their unique team and unlock the potential within them. Our services help leadership teams navigate common challenges and maintain alignment for scalable growth. This unique series fosters understanding, promotes effective communication, and cultivates habits for sustained success.

Group Communications Coaching

Our coaching approach is all about creating an environment where effective dialogue flourishes. We focus on harnessing the individual potential within your team and synchronizing it towards achieving your common goals. We will provide an in-depth understanding of how your team’s dynamics form the foundation for future growth.

As a starting point, each team member will take an Extended DISC® assessment followed by 3 coaching sessions to kick-start your team’s growth journey.

Session 1 – What is Extended DISC® & The Big Reveal: Beginning with an overview of Extended DISC®, we reveal individual and group assessment results in an interactive team building session. Each participant will receive their 33 page customized assessment and workbook with a deep dive into their individual behavioral style revealing strengths, motivators, what decreases motivation, how others view your style, and tools to practice interacting with other behavioral styles.

Session 1’s homework: Identify the styles of 3 people not in the class. Describe what supporting information was used to identify.

Session 2 – Internal Alignment & Effective Communication: Prior to this session, we will meet with the Leadership team to discuss internal conflicts, challenging dynamics and other communication breakdowns along with specific examples for each to customize the team coaching experience.

During the session, the team will strategize how to frame conversations to align with the communication styles of the other team members. This approach not only enhances receptiveness but also personalizes the experience creating a harmonious and more productive work environment.

Session 2’s homework: each person to provide 2-3 examples of areas of conflict or communication breakdown with clients.

Session 3 – Client Communication & Business Growth: This session extends the principles of effective communication beyond your team to your clients. Together, we strategize on reframing conversations to align with the behavioral styles of your clients which encourages the client to lower their defensive gates, become more receptive and feel that they have had a positive experience with your organization. This fosters stronger relationships, leading to increased client retention, higher referral rates, and ultimately, boosted revenue.

Group Reengagements: Should an organization want to continue the engagement there is an option to add refresher courses which can fold in new team members throughout the year. These ongoing sessions are charged at a group rate and can be scheduled quarterly, every 6 months, or on a predetermined time frame.

Leadership Meetings

A crucial component of our services begins with the Leadership Meetings. Scheduled prior to each of the 3 sessions, these meetings are meant to provide valuable insights into the culture, where there are communication gaps today and most importantly to allow Inline Consulting to prepare the leaders with the team results and what can be expected out of each session. This type of preparation aligns our team with the organizations vision, daily objectives, and scalable growth goals.