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Identify Growth Opportunity with
Extended DISC® Assessments

Scaling a business requires balance. The core of that balance is your team and the varying differences between them. Getting everyone rowing in the same direction can often feel impossible and it becomes glaringly obvious when there is misalignment. And with misalignment it is not uncommon to see your team members losing sight of the vision, struggling to align their efforts toward it, or feeling disconnected.

Identifying individual team member strengths and areas to improve, provides leadership teams tools to navigate common challenges and maintain alignment for scalable growth.

Extended DISC® Assessments

Inline Consulting performs an Extended DISC® Assessment on every team member. This process helps us understand your team’s dynamics better, enabling us to tailor our coaching for maximum effectiveness.

The Extended DISC® System is based on behavioral theories that have been used for over 90 years. The power of this model is that it is easy to learn and can be integrated into any organizational culture.

Individuals align to 1 of 4 primary behavioral styles by assessing if they are more:

  1. People vs. Task oriented.
  2. Internal processors vs. out in the room processors.

Key factors for DISC® Behavioral Styles:

  • No one style is better or worse than another.
  • All styles have strengths and development areas, they just happen to be different. 
  • Your style does not limit what you can accomplish or how successful you can be. It simply is how one communicates, problem solves, and makes decisions. 
  • You can find all of the four styles represented by very successful people however, the most successful people understand their own behavioral style and can easily recognize the style of others. One step further, they learn to frame their communication in the style of the other person so defenses gates go down and the other person feels heard and understood; resulting in a more productive and effective conversation.

Inline consulting has years of experience conducting DISCⓇ assessments and is ready to bring this expertise to your business. Contact us today to learn more about how DISCⓇ assessments can help you grow and manage your team more effectively.