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THE CHAMPION PLAN INFOThis is the supplemental benefits plan for W2 employees (must have a min of 50 EE’s to participate)
Champion Health Plan flyer to share
Champion Health Plan Legal Summary
Champion Health Plan testimonials and some of the client logos using it
Champion Health Plan Summary Presentation
Public Endorsement from ADP & PaychexNASDAQ ADP-MH Partnership release
Managed Health and ADP Team up to Bring Companies a Unique Health Care Solution PayChex PR
Managed Health and PayChex Partner to Bring Companies a Unique Healthcare Solution

3 letters from ERISA and Legal Compliance attorneys explaining IRS compliance for the Champion Health plan (MEC – Minimum Essential Coverage plan)

Pope Legal Group letter dated Jan 21, 2022 – Attached

Pope Legal Group letter dated June 1, 2022 – Attached

Reymann Law Group letter dated Jan 17, 2023 – Attached

Key talking points:
  • This is a supplemental plan ONLY to major medical. Does not do anything with their existing major medical plan. No AOR (Agent of Record) needed.
  • Decreases the gross taxable liability for FUTA, SUTA, FICA giving employees money BACK in their paycheck each month AND employers massive tax savings across the board!
  • Then only MEC (Minimum Essential Coverage) Plan that passes the IRS guidelines and does not put up red flags for an IRS audit. Also publicly endorsed by ADP and Paychex so you know their lawyer team has vetted it out!
  • This is the exact plan as on Gig Worker solutions – a wellness plan offering with $0 copays, $0 preventative care, $0 prescriptions over 800+ now for employee AND family, and $0 telemedicine and mental health for employee AND family!
  • Is an opt out only option with a 98% retention rate.
  • Only requires one engagement monthly to stay enrolled. One telemedicine appt, fill one Rx, watch one wellness video, etc. Easy to jump back in if they fall off one month.
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